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How to Make Crepes

    Say “oui!” to the delicate deliciousness of crepes

    A crepe is essentially a thin pancake made in the French style that is then filled with a variety of contents that can be either savory or sweet. Although the thought of preparing crepes can seem scary, the process is actually pretty straightforward. After giving the batter a short whirl in the blender, giving the pan a quick spin, and giving it a speedy cook on the stove top, you can have delicate and delicious crepes ready and waiting in no time at all to be filled with whatever tickles your fancy. Crepes are known for their delicate flavor and taste, so put your fears aside, grab a pan, and give them a hearty “oui!”

    Make the Batter

    First, melt two tablespoons of unsalted butter in a saucepan. This will yield enough batter for ten to twelve crepes. Allow the butter to cool for at least 15 minutes before beginning to make the crepe batter. This will prevent the eggs in the batter from being cooked by the hot butter. After the butter has cooled, add it in a blender together with the melted butter, four eggs that have been lightly beaten, one and a third cups of whole milk, one cup of all-purpose flour, and half a teaspoon of salt. If you are creating crepes for dessert, you should also add two tablespoons of granulated sugar to the batter.

    Puree the batter for about 20 seconds, or until it is completely smooth and bubbles begin to appear on the surface. It will have a consistency similar to that of heavy cream, which is to say that it will be quite thin.

    Allow the batter to sit out at room temperature for approximately an hour so that the bubbles can settle down. This reduces the likelihood that the crepes will tear while they are being cooked.

    Prepare the Pan

    Crepes can be made in a pan of 8 or 10 inches in diameter, or in a non-stick skillet set over medium or medium-low heat. Spread a little of butter all over the inside of the hot pan.

    Add Batter to the Pan

    Pour one-fourth of a cup of the batter into the middle of the baking dish using a small ladle or a measuring cup. The batter should be distributed in a thin layer that is even across the entire bottom surface of the pan by lifting and swirling the pan.

    Place the pan back on the burner and continue to cook for another forty-five to sixty seconds.

    Have you overfilled the pan with the batter? You just need to pour any surplus back into the basin containing the batter. You don’t have enough to cover the pan, do you? To evenly distribute the additional ingredients, add just a little bit more and give the pan a quick stir.


    Slide a flat rubber spatula under the crepe’s edge, and then use it to carefully work your way around the entire perimeter. After that, make a crepe by carefully grabbing the edge of the crepe with your fingers and turning it over in the pan.

    Finish Cooking

    Cook the second side for around thirty to forty-five seconds more.

    Remove from the Pan

    Turn the pan over and let the crepe slide out onto a sheet of parchment paper, wax paper, or a big plate as you tilt the pan. Continue the process with the remaining batter, lightly buttered the frying pan in between each crepe, and so on. If there are any crepes left over, you can stack them on top of the others to make a stack.

    Crepes can be kept warm until they are served by placing them in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for up to thirty minutes.

    Enjoy with savory or sweet fillings, depending on your preference.

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