10 calmest cat breeds for relaxed pet parents

The calmest cat breeds are ideal for chilling with your pet. These cats usually relax on the couch or in bed.

Main Coon

Maine Coons are 25-pound gentle giants! They're curious, playful, and not hyperactive. Most people say Maine Coons are laidback. They like people and may follow you around.

2. Britshorthair

British Shorthairs are popular for their beauty and calmness. They're known for being laid-back and preferring to sit next to you rather than in your lap. British Shorthairs are calm and attentive, but they are lazy and prefer to observe from afar. 


Beautiful, calm Himalayan cats prefer quiet homes. Many owners say the cats are sweet and affectionate, but they can be picky. They're quiet and easygoing. They're quiet but energetic, making them ideal Netflix binge partners.


Ragdolls are gentle, laidback, and will literally flop in your arms. They're among the calmest cat breeds. Ragdolls are affectionate lap cats and will follow you around until you settle to snuggle.


Birmans—sacred Burma's cat—are one of the calmest cat breeds. They love chasing dogs and other cats and can live with other pets. They're gentle, patient, and playful.


Persians are fluffy, cuddly, and laid-back lap cats. Long-haired Persians are well-behaved and love to cuddle. Persians are also quiet. Despite loving affection, they're laid-back and not clingy.


Japanese bobtails are one of the oldest domestic cat breeds. They're friendly, smart, and hunters. Though not lap cats, they adapt to your routine and enjoy spending time with you. Japanese bobtails are calm and gentle pets.

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