4 Zodiac Signs That Are Always Cool

Everyone knows someone who is totally cool. They might be able to get reservations at the newest and most popular restaurants, try salsa dancing and skydiving on the side, or know how to stay calm when everything is going crazy.

No matter how you define it, astrology is a great way to tell if someone has a good vibe just by looking at them. Depending on how your birth chart looks, you might be one of the zodiac signs that are always cool.

Your sun sign is a good indicator of your coolness because it describes your personality. Your rising sign's traits may also matter. It shows your energy and willingness to follow trends or defy expectations. 


Geminis are social butterflies and can strike up deep conversations with anyone. The quick-witted air sign can hold their composure through anything. 


They can make (and keep) friends in high places. Their social calendars are packed, and if you’re lucky, they’ll offer you a plus-one.


Sagittarius makes everything they do look cool, whether it's travelling the world or learning a new language. These bright fire signs can get the party going at any time. 


If you can talk to a Pisces from the clouds, you can be sure that they are easy to talk to and have a lot of power and they can be proud of their weak and spiritual sides.

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