6 Superfoods for longevity, according to us

To live one's life, it is very important for us to eat good food, but we do not know what we should eat.


 eggs are an easy way to start eating healthier and a "superfood." Eggs have a lot of B vitamins, choline, protein, and omega-3 fats, among other things.

Olive oil

"Omega-9 fats might not get as much attention as omega-3 fats, but we know they are important for gut health and even hormone health, helping to control oestrogen levels and keep them in balance, and also for brain health."


Avocados are also a portion of very healthy food. "You only need about a quarter of an avocado to get all of the omega-9 fats, selenium, and vitamin E you need every day."

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A.
"Vitamin A is coming in, improving cell turnover, preventing your cells from collapsing and your muscles skin and hair from deteriorating."


The amount of vitamin A and vitamin C in kale is "super high." Vitamin A "helps the immune system and makes it easier to fight off bacteria and viruses."


this fruit has a lot of fibre, minerals, and resveratrol. "There are so many great studies about resveratrol and how it really helps people live longer and age well.

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