8 First Impressions People Make

Unfortunately, the first categorizations of others begin long before that: even before you can open your mouth, your counterpart has already unconsciously judged you due to certain attributes... Great, right?


In one study, students rated actor photos on attractiveness, competence, likeability, aggressiveness, and trustworthiness. After 100 milliseconds, your counterpart rates your trustworthiness based on your facial expressions.

social status

Appearance reflects social status. Who knew? You wear Supreme sweaters and Ralph Lauren polo shirts because they make you. 


"Look at me baby." Looking down or avoiding eye contact is unattractive. Eye contact makes your interlocutor smarter. 


Because you seem capable. A British-Turkish study found that people will consider you successful only if your suit or streetwear is right. 

your power

The wearing of the bare splendor is immediately apparent. Shaved men predominate. The Penn study found that If your hair is falling out then go! 

sexuality and drinking habits

Stereotyping Times 10: A British study found that women with tattoos are viewed as sloppy, unattractive and bigoted.

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