8 Types of Small Dogs You Can Take Everywhere

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These dogs enjoy receiving treats. They are incredibly devoted to their owners and don't weigh much either.

Lhasa Apso

They are little, adorable dogs. Lhasas, originally from Tibet, are friendly, lively, clever, and simple to train. But they do need a lot of grooming. They make excellent watchdogs.


They are the ones you can take your dog with you anyplace. They are among the most well-liked lapdog breeds. These cuddly, teddy-bear-like canines make wonderful lapdogs because they like pampering.


The most popular dogs ever are chihuahuas. Additionally, they are very active. The smallest breed in the world, which simply requires exercise from strolling around your apartment, is ideal for apartment living.

Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs are lively and adorable. Additionally, they are incredibly portable and simple to transport due to their compact size. They enjoy sitting on your lap and cuddling. However, they do need a lot of grooming.

Bichon Frise

These dogs were both adorable and royal. They are affectionate, vivacious, and attention-seeking. They need routine maintenance because of their curly coats.


Pugs are one of those small dogs that can be transported in a car or other small space. Pugs enjoy receiving love and attention. They are witty, playful, and playful dogs. They require less grooming because they have short hair. 

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