best car according to your zodiac sign

Cats are low maintenance compared to dogs, the International Cat Association recognizes 73 cat breeds with different sizes, shapes and personalities.

Those character quirks can help you narrow down your search for the perfect purring pet, and what better way to do that than turning to astrology?

Abyssinian: Aries

The oldest cat breed, the Abyssinian, is ideal. Aries, one of the most energetic and possibly demanding of the zodiac signs, needs an adventurous cat.


Aries is one of the most active zodiac signs and can be one of the most demanding. One of the oldest cat breeds is the Abyssinian norm.

Siberian: Aries

Siberian cats are as playful and energetic as adults. A high-energy, fun-loving Cat is a perfect fit for the independent Aries.

Siamese: Aries

Siamese also suits Aries. He likes to talk to everyone. Siamese cats are smart and affectionate, making them great for cat-loving families.

American Shorthair: Taurus

This laid-back cat breed is loyal and happy on its own, but it prefers to be with you.

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