Know why Toyota closed U.S. Car sales and production.

In addition to vehicles, Toyota also manufactures sewing machines, forklifts, robots, boats, and more.

Toyota acknowledged its failure to be a true leader in the automobile industry,

In 2003, Toyota launched a car company named Scion

The Scion came to an end in 2016, after Toyota decided it didn't need a separate brand to attract younger customers.

 this is lists of  most notable models that Toyota has discontinued like the Toyota FJ Cruiser, a replacement of the Land Cruiser.

Although FJ Cruiser still but it is available in Australia. but not in us

The vehicles that Toyota has discontinued include the Supra, Cresta, 2000GT, Soarer, Celica, MR-2, Solara and Carina.

Failure is just a part of doing business. Knowing when to pull the plug is also part of business

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