last-minute gifts for every zodiac sign

Use our gifting horoscope to find the best gift for that special someone based on their zodiac sign!

Aries: Candle

Give the fire signs a beautiful candle to light up their home and heart. The fragrance of the people of this zodiac is bold and sweet.

Taurus : Christmas cactus

They enjoy nature. Give this strong sign a green thing to love and care for to make them smile. Simply give a Christmas cactus.

Gemini : Ingredients of cocktail

Give this spunky social butterfly the ingredients to make a holiday cocktail for your friends.

Cancer : Homemade cookies

While they're eating, give them a box of cookies. Cancerians appear stable and have everything in their hands. Sentient animals have a sweet paw.

Leo : Sparkly accessory

This sign attracts attention. Think earrings, necklaces, or sparkly fanny packs. Flashy accessories will add a dramatic personality.

Virgo : Stationary set

Because they are searching for the right words. Give them stationery and suggest they write love letters.

Libra : Notebook

Libras contemplate and take notes. Writing helps this sign make tough decisions. Give them a pros and cons notebook. 

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