Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst To Best Life Partner View Now

Despite our distaste, a person's zodiac sign can tell a lot. This can harm your dating life and relationship. We don't judge people by their signs, but it's something to think about. If you're considering it, which you probably are


Pisces is our weakest sign. Unfortunately, the disadvantages outweigh the positives when dating a Pisces, which leads to bickering.


Girls follow. Like Pisces, the people of Virgo can also be very sensitive. Virgo people, like Pisces, take things very personally and seriously. See a pattern? Virgo and Pisces are sisters. what causes a lot of breakups


Sagittarius are commitment-phobes. Most fire signs struggle with this, they struggle too much with relationships.


We would say that Cancerians are moody. , It is difficult to be around people who are always upset. This drains the energy of the room.


Taurus are stubborn. Since stubbornness kills you, they need to be fueled emotionally, they understand the importance of relationships.


This is the second time we've got sister signs back-to-back—Taurus and Scorpio—so they share some qualities.


The relations of Libra people are average. Not the worst. Libras struggle to commit. Libras are Venus-ruled and love romance (via Vogue).

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