Which Zodiac Signs Have the Highest and Lowest Divorce Rate?


Despite their practical air energy, they are more likely to be in a relationship than other signs. libras love romance


 If they're in, they're devoted partners. When a situation limits them, they can leave.


Sagittarius dislike committed relationships because they need to be free to change their mind. that's why he likes to be single


Pisces are empathic and want deep connections with their partners.


Geminis are usually quick-tempered. They are often after a constant need for stimulation and flexibility, which can be a problem if they get bored.


A fire sign known for being confident, Aries is also very passionate and longs to have that fire in the relationship dynamic.


Born leaders who often like to be in the center of attention, Leos are strong and independent. They also want to have fun and express themselves.


Taurus are practical and dedicated by nature. They can be stubborn and headstrong, but they are also charming and laid-back.


This reduces the risk of divorce. Scorpio people are unpredictable and irritable, but they are highly committed to their partners.

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