32 branches will be closed in 10 states by the beginning of next year

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Even in the age of online banking, "run to the bank" is a pretty standard line on a to-do list.

Maybe you need to deposit a bigger check or get a new debit card - maybe you prefer to use your bank's ATM and avoid those pesky transaction fees.

Having a local bank is a convenience, and it can really throw a wrench in things when branches close.

PNC Bank just announced that it will be closing an additional 32 branches in 10 states in the near future

In July, PNC announced plans to close approximately 135 in-store locations.

As it turns out, brick-and-mortar bank closures are part of an ongoing national trend, as more customers turn to online banking.

PNC's latest round of closures will hit even more of its customer base, including traditional and daily visitors to these stores.

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