The Disturbing Effects of Eating Too Much Avocados

You've heard that millennials are killing the housing industry because of avocados, and everyone's been bombarded with the health benefits of the buttery fruit's good fats.

One major environmental issue

The greater the impact of eating food far from its source. North America and the UK import avocados, which are popular. 

Many industry parts move.

First, avocados require energy, water, fertiliser, and pesticides, which have environmental impacts.

Then there’s the export

Tom Cumberlege, Carbon Trust Associate Director, says other impacts include packaging, processing, transporting, and cooling avocados.

Avocados thirsty.

They require twice as much water as oranges and are grown in water-scarce areas.

A vicious cycle

Avocados use a lot of water, worsening Mexico and California's droughts and heatwaves, making them harder to grow, requiring more deforestation to farm the fruit, and so on.


Mexican farmers are expanding due to demand, causing deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

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