The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Seek Revenge

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Why do some people enjoy revenge and hatred while others prefer forgiveness and moving on? Stars may reveal answers.

The zodiac signs should be considered when you're trying to get over a wrong or being targeted for revenge. After all, we can overcome our star signs.

Understanding each vengeful sign's deep-seated need to right the wrongs against them can help you see things from their side and figure out how to fix the relationship


Beware unfairness. Libra is a quiet, behind-the-scenes force for justice who won't hesitate to knock you down to balance the scale. Beware of sabotage, backstabbing, and flattery.


This sensitive sign is easily offended, but its fear of conflict prevents a simple conversation to resolve issues. Expect a lot of passive aggression as the crustacean retreats into its shell and throws bombs at you while insisting there's no problem.


The lion—the jungle's king—represents Leo. Bruising a Leo's massive ego will unleash this ferocious big cat. This sign is prone to temper tantrums, insults, rumours, and saying things they don't mean.


Scorpio has planned your demise, including how to make it look like an accident, before you even realise you've slighted him. Until you win its favour, prepare to swim in a dark, murky sea of deceit and misery.

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