The Zodiac Signs who are most sensitive

The zodiac archetypes can reveal our true selves and our inner landscape. If you're into astrology, you've probably heard that the whole birth chart must be considered to determine why someone is more stubborn, competitive, or sensitive than others

If you love attention, you probably have some Leo planets, and if you're nurturing and maternal, you probably have some Cancer planets.

Some placements can increase tenderness and deep emotion. The ascendant, or first house, represents the self, so if a sensitive sign rules it, you will likely be exposed.

Super-Sensitive Pisces

Pisces are sensitive water signs that spend much time in the subconscious. As the zodiac's last sign, they absorb some of the traits of the last 11 characters and have a certain wisdom, like the zodiac's grandparents.

Emotional Cancer

Cancers are water signs ruled by the moon, which makes them even more sensitive than other water signs. These crabs are known as the mothers of the zodiac because they are caring, gentle, and soft. 

Empathetic Scorpio

Under their intimidating exterior, Scorpio may not show that they are feeling the weight of the world, but as an emotional water sign, they really are. Scorpios have a hard time dealing with the chaos of the outside world, so they may tend to spend more time alone.

Worrying Libra

This one might have caught you off guard since Libras aren't usually known for being sensitive.  Instead, they are known for being happy and getting along with others. The scales represent Libra, and these signs care most about being fair.

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