12 Smartest Cat Breeds

Cats show us their intelligence by running up to you at the sound of a treat bag or acting aloof at the vet.


The Abyssinian is a smart, athletic, and playful family cat. Aby, the Abyssinian, is a natural explorer who craves attention. He's sociable and active, making him a great friend.


The long-haired Balinese embodies beauty and intelligence. Balinese cats are curious and love to play, but they love you most! A "Velcro cat," a Balinese will always be by your side, whether she's playing, training, or watching you from her hammock.


The beautifully spotted Bengal is intelligent, active, and curious, and she looks like a wild cat. Due to their wild Asian leopard ancestry, Bengals are the only domesticated cats with rosette markings


Burmese cats are dog-like. The Burmese is smart, energetic, and friendly. The "Velcro cat" Burmese loves people and attention. This loyal cat loves playing hide-and-seek, tag, and fetch for you.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish rex is beautiful and adventurous. (Enough to cat-proof your home!) The intelligent and inquisitive Cornish rex is always on the move, looking for a playmate.

Havana Brown

Quiet. Bright. Rare. Havana Brown cats are loyal, adaptable companions. These beautiful cats love spending time with their families, whether it's playing with their favourite toys or napping on your lap. 


Japanese bobtail cats are unique for their dog-like behaviour and bobbed tails. Rarely. With her boundless energy and need for attention, the silly but smart Japanese bobtail is always young. 


Ancient Korats are loyal and laid-back. The Korat, a "good luck cat" in Thailand, loves playing and sleeping. He loves games, training, and food puzzles. He loves toys, scratching posts, and window hammocks!


Savannahs are smart, athletic, and loyal. These rare, large, spotted cats love leash walks, water play, and family time. They love kids and dogs despite their wild appearance.

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