Experts' Top 5 Attractive Zodiac Signs

We all know that some zodiac signs are more attractive. And that includes fertility and physical attractiveness.

The most attractive zodiac sign is also considered to have natural beauty. We ranked the zodiac signs based on physical attractiveness.


People born under the Venus sign Libra are known for their refined taste.


Taurus, another Venus-ruled sign, is beautiful. Relaxation, calmness and maturity make this zodiac attractive.


Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the third most attractive zodiac sign, and here's why. Leo people are irresistible because of their planetary rulings.


Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is fourth in charm. Cancer's sexuality is not as hot as other zodiac signs.

5- Scorpio

This sign represents mystery, danger and passion. This hypnotic sign attracts fans of this intensity.

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