30 Aquarius Gifts for the Intelligent Sign

Film Poster

Aquarians, enjoy creating unique home decor. So please give them a vintage movie poster for their next birthday. 

Travel Pillow

Aquarians are curious. Give an Aquarian who likes to travel a new, comfy travel memory foam pillow. Ideal for long flights, scenic train rides, and epic road trips this year!

Amethyst Crystal

You can buy a single crystal for their room or a larger size to be a standout piece of home decor. Amethysts are known to be a calming and stress-relieving stones that can help make a room feel more tranquil.

Weighted Blanket

Everyone wants to stay warm in winter, including your favorite Aquarius. A weighted blanket can help Aquarians relax at home.

Aquarius Zodiac Candle

This candle is perfect for daily affirmations or cozy nights. Please give them a scented Aquarius candle. Pick a candle with a scent that matches their personality or lists Aquarius traits. 

-Aquarius Sign Zodiac Necklace

For the proud and self-proclaimed Aquarius who embraces their Zodiac water bearer status! Rings and delicate gold bracelets with wavy symbols are also options. Find the perfect piece on Etsy or in your neighbourhood!

Your Favorite Book

Give your Aquarius friend your favourite book! Audible is already on this list, but giving them a special book makes it more personal. Your favourite or life-changing book?

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