Your Horoscope for January 2023

On January 2nd, Venus enters Aquarius, an intellectual, nonconformist sign. Spend more time with friends and don't be afraid to date someone who isn't your type.


Aries, the beginning of January will be sensitive. Questions may remain. However, you can cultivate inner peace.


Your month will begin with an explosion of inspiration as Venus enters your career sector. Brainstorm new ideas on how you can combine work with more purpose


Stability threats are scary, but new opportunities always arise when old ones end. Expect financial and career changes. 


take care of yourself in the new year Don't put too much pressure on yourself to feel different


You'll quickly find your rhythm and feel empowered to demand from others what you need.


The one you thought you'd known forever. Goodbyes are hard, especially when you have to let go of a failed goal or a friend.

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