The 4 Seekers and Healers of the Zodiac

Not everyone is supposed to walk a spiritual path. We're happy with our "normal" lives, which include going to work, taking our kids to after-school activities, and crossing off the big milestones of life one by one.

These are the free spirits, the wild children, and the friend who always sells all her furniture and takes a cross-country road trip "just for fun."

But what kind of person is a seeker or a healer? Well, as usual, we think it has to do with astrology. So here are our top picks for the zodiac's searchers and healers.

1. Pisces 

We couldn’t make this list without Pisces: the ultimate free spirit of the zodiac. Pisces are our mutable water sign meaning that they’re always going with the flow. 

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the only sign in the zodiac that is likely to start a cult. Who would you go to any lengths to follow? Your favourite yoga teacher? Or that tarot reader who blew your mind at your best friend's Bachelorette?

3. Virgo

You might be surprised to see the practical Virgo on our list of those who seek and heal. But the mutable earth sign can be a lot more of a wild child than you'd think.

4. Scorpio

Did you know that, according to your birth chart, Scorpio is the sign most likely to get a tattoo? (Of course, Leo comes in second.) Our fixed water sign is known for being intense, mysterious, and very protective of the people they love.

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